Organize and layout a multi-page magazine that consists of scholarly articles surrounding contemporary design issues and topics whose target audience is designers and design thinkers who want to expand their knowledge within the realm of design. Create a name for the magazine and design a cover using a photo from a curated photo album and manipulate it using photoshop. 
- Format articles for a magazine
- Experiment with type layout
- Find images that correspond to the articles

The title of this magazine, Vivid, means “producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind”. Throughout the process of creating this magazine, I wanted it to fit the essence and meaning of its name. For the cover of the magazine, I layered the photo and played with the opacity to create an intriguing effect. I utilized the colors green and indigo which helped to add contrast and vibrancy. The interior spreads of the magazine articles are organized in a manner that is untraditional and focuses more on the design rather than the readability of the text. The high quality images add another layer to this design by connecting with the text to create a well-rounded reading experience that evokes further contemplation and visualization of the subjects being discussed. 
- Worked with large amounts of copy
- Explored unusual layouts

Software Used:
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe InDesign

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