Find a non-traditional folktale from abroad and format it into a children’s book. Create illustrations to go with the text. Print and produce the book as well as publish it to a free online publisher.
- Organize a multi-page layout

I chose to create a children’s book from a Chinese folktale, and after researching and reading many stories, I landed on one called The Flower Elves. I studied the text and highlighted areas that I would later illustrate. At first, I started to illustrate the images separately to combine with the text after, but as I began to do so, I noticed that the illustrations and text didn’t feel cohesive. I redrew the illustrations with the book size and format in mind as well as how I would incorporate the text with the images. I wanted to push myself away from standard type layout, so I played with making the text flow with the illustrations. The final result was more harmonious and didn’t feel as stiff. I published this book through Amazon KDP and it is available for purchase. Going through the publishing process was insightful and showed me the trial and errors of formatting within the publisher’s guidelines.
- Translated text into illustrations
- Experimented with type layout
- Printed/produced and published book

Software Used:
- Adobe InDesign
- Procreate

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