Develop a logo for Branden Hume Productions. Branden is a multimedia student, skilled in the areas of photography, film-making, and animation. He does not have a previous logo or name for his personal brand.
- Make sure logo can be animated

The client wanted a logo that incorporated aspects of a film studio, but was open to other concepts. When asked about what kind of logos he gravitated towards, he showed examples of classic film logos with a film strip and/or camera. I suggested that we steer away from a logo that feels generic, and create one that would still clearly communicate a relation to film, but would subtly reference him. The final chosen logo is a piece of film that is built out of a B and a H for his initials with the tagline placed in a way that adds dimension.
- Collaborated with client
- Conducted competitor research
- Sketched variations

Software Used:
- Adobe Illustrator
digital sketches/variations
digital sketches/variations
notes & sketches
notes & sketches

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